Sunday, October 10, 2010

Complicated Mind

Human Psychology is one of the most complicated stuff to understand. It does not take a fraction of a second for your mood to swing and a fraction of a second to actually change a perception about someone or something. Worst part is when it comes to relationship it gets even more complicated. but why is it so?

It is not just one mind that you have to control anymore, but its two mind that needs to be work together in a sync to have a peaceful, happy relationship.

Expectations that is assuming other person would understand you or behave in a certain manner in certain situation is another thing that makes it more complicated. Why? cause we all know no two people are alike yet we expect them to behave the way we do or understand the reason behind our behavior or action.

We take others for granted and we do not realize when we started taking them for granted till the point when they decide not to be with you. Our mind give priority to ourselves first then to another.

Ideology conflict: We forget that each one has their own ideology and need not have to match to our ideology. Ideology is one's own belief which can be different to their partners. We tend to forget to respect them and end up hurting them.

To be honest although I have said all this and understand the importance of all these factors in relationship however, I have not followed it. Knowingly or unknowingly I have hurt people to have my comfort forgetting what they expect from me. Somewhere down the line I have realized the pain of losing the important people due to my selfishness.

Then Why I am writing all this? Well, so that in case if someone understands these and implies in his or her life, probably they won't go through the pain I have went through.

As my Facebook status message read someday back, Do not give advices to people in pain. That is the last thing one should do. Lending an ear would do. Patient listening is what matters.

Funny part is, we all know these things but when it comes to real situation we tend to forget it and act keeping ourselves first and others last. We do not want to sacrifice. We don't like to sacrifice our comfort.

Value what you have in your life and realize the importance of the people in your life. I do realize the importance of people I have in my life and I do not want to lose them. I have learned my lesson.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dedicated to Friendship

It's not always I write a blog dedicated to someone but today is one of those days when I am totally in a mood to write a blog dedicated to that special friend of mine.

I know her for about 6 years now. Though we were not that close enough in initial years of our friendship but it gradually grew so strong that I can totally rely on her and can probably share everything and anything with her.

She is beautiful, she is cute and she has a loving heart too but then she was dumb(notice the word 'was') and too emotional also. Fortunately she learned her lessons and changed for good. She is full of advices and shares her experience. She is talkative like every other girl.

There were many moments with her that I cherish the most but then she won't like me to spill it over here. It would be too embarrassing for her and she would not think twice before killing me.

She is exactly the way I am. Probably that is one of the reason why I connect so well with her. Best part is, she advices me when I do wrong and I advice her when she does wrong. No matter how depressing mood I am into, few lines of conversation with her and I am all cheered up again. I don't have to tell her I am upset and she does not talk big big things to bring me out of the blue mood. We talk all nonsense and publicly humiliate each other in a funny way that anyone reading our conversation would think twice before talking to us.

I am glad the way our friendship has shaped up off-late. It's good to be surrounded by people who cares about you, loves you and are always ready to bring the best out of you that too when you are going through bad phase of life.

And that is exactly the kind of friendship I share with TANIA KAPOOR. Thank you for being there for me and thank you for being such a darling.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Ruthless, I can be.
Mean I am
As I walk alone,
Away from my home
It's my world, It's my way
Being Rebel, is the way I play

With a head held up high
U can't hurt me, can't make me cry
As I walk alone,
Away from my home
Leather jacket and my bike
I fly at a speed I like
With a backpack loaded
I swoosh through the road

I ain't an angel, I ain't GOD
I fought against all the odd
And the Devil Grins
As I finally wins
the Battle of life,
The battle of freedom.

I am a Biker

Faded Jeans and A Leather Jacket
Riding with a Marlboro Packet
Leather boots changing gear
Flying at 180 with no fear

Riding a red mean machine
Enjoying the Serene Scene
I am living my life
In love with my bike ride

Flying on road leaving everyone behind
Making lips wet with a sip from my pint
Feeling the breeze, smelling the wet sand
Listening to my favourite rock band

With a back pack and a sleeper bag
I stop by the woods to have a nap
It's a wild wild world out there
And I lie down gazing at moon.

I am a biker, born to live free

Friday, July 23, 2010

Loon - y Story

I have been wasted all these years
I just kept on fooling myself time and again
Kept running away from all my fears
Was hiding myself from getting hurt and pain

It was an one man show always
I never thought of others who was there
It was the selfish greed of mine to have what I want
It never bothered me of others pain

As I listen to my soul shouting back at me
Run far as you can, as far as you can you loon

I am walking in crowd but I am all alone
No matter what I do, I don't feel fine
I had it all but now it's all blown
Feels I lost all that was once mine

As I listen to my soul shouting back at me
Run far as you can, as far as you can you loon

I ran, I ran, I ran as fast as I can
And I am exhausted and wasted
Lone walking the last miles
Trying to keep that faded smile

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Purane Lamhey

Vo yaaron ke sang long drive pe jana
Chalti gaadi k shishon se bahar nikal ke zor se chilana
Jeb mein paise nai par aiyashi ki hadd nai
Dhabey mein paet bharna
Raat puri gappey ladana
Suttey ke dhuey mein aur Jaam ke nashey mein mast rehna
Chadar se dhakh kar doston ko peetna

Has Has ke yun hi din kat dete the
Ek plate maggie pe sab toot padte the
Gaali bhi pyaari lagti ti aur maar bhi achi
Jab ansu aaye toh jhappi paana
Aur pass ho jaye toh ek dusrey ko lootna

Attendence shortage apna gaarv tha
Canteen ki chaun mein apna adda tha
Pal haseen the aur sapne jawan
Dhundley ho gaye hai woh lamhey
par ankhein hai ab bhi nam
Chaltey chaltey na jaane kitne duur agaye hai hum

Woh puraney lamhey.... adhurey reh jaate hai ab yaaron ki bin.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hum Chalein

Apni toh soch nayi, hai khwaab badey
Unchi hai maanzelein aur raah naye
Chalna humein hai aagey, hum chalein
Dil ki taar se naye geet hum gayein

Oh rahi hum chalein, Apni udaan bharney
Tum roko to bhi na rukein, hum chalein
Yeh duniya hai apni, Na rokey koi..
Apni hai chalani, na tokey koi.

Daar nahi hai ab, bas jeet ka josh hai
Fasley kitney bhi ho, hum befikaar hai
Na sunne wale hum kisi ki, hum chalein
Masti mein yun ghum, Naye dhun gungunayein

Oh rahi hum chalein, Apni udaan bharney
Tum roko to bhi na rukein, hum chalein
Yeh duniya hai apni, Na rokey koi..
Apni hai chalani, na tokey koi.

Na pukaro humein, kuch na sunayi de
Bas badna hai aagey, apni maanzil dikhayi de
Jheley hai bohat maar ab na jhelengey
Junoon hai bhara, ab na rukhengey

Oh rahi hum chalein, Apni udaan bharney
Tum roko to bhi na rukein, hum chalein
Yeh duniya hai apni, Na rokey koi..
Apni hai chalani, na tokey koi..

Death Of A Lone Angel

One good shot is all it takes,
To end all the misery in just one take, Oh I wonder.
A piece of metal passing through my head
With the pull of trigger I fall on my bed, Like a Thunder

It's a Death of a lone angel with tears of blood
I am falling down, I am falling

The petals turn red
with the droplets of my blood
I fall free feeling null gravity
I fall free losing my sanity

It's a Death of a lone angel with tears of blood
I am falling down, I am falling

I bid good bye, forever
Rest in peace, six feet under
Lone and Insane
Bearing all the Pain

It's a Death of a lone angel with tears of blood
I am falling down, I am falling

Sunday, July 4, 2010


And with each puff I burn down my pains, only for few moments
As the cigar burns, the ashes fall listening to my laments
Another I lite just to drown down my pain, though everything in Vain
One after the another as it dies in ashes
The pain I bear, stronger than the lashes

Oh hell it is, yet I bear. Only to hear
Move on, Move on, Move on with the broken pieces

My heart cries out loud, bleeding from the wound
I lie down on my bed in a hope
bringing back the memories, Irony of a dope
With no strength left I fall on the ground
Standing lone on the seashore with arms wide open

Only to hear it say
Move on, Move on, Move on with the broken pieces

With bullet in my head,
I fall down crashing on my bed
White roses dripping blood
Its the agony of the dead.

Some weep, some cry out loud
some express their grief
As they hear someone say
Life stops for none
Move on, Move on, Move with the broken pieces

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Night Out and Day Dreaming. COMBO PACK

Shobit, someone who is not so popular, not like other cool hunks in the college but a simple and a jovial person. He is been there always for his friends and had good time togaether. Night outs at Comesum with just Rs. 65 in his pocket and no petrol, he and his friend Avi used to enjoy to the fullest(that's what they think).

Though they had only Rs.65 with them yet they would go for Pepsi diet that too can which costs Rs. 30/- in Comesum. They did their calculations before ordering the Pepsi i.e. Rs.20/ for petrol just to ensure they reach home safely in the morning. Avi did had some 10 bucks in his pocket. It was enough to buy them hot tea from Chai wala for Rs.3/- per glass.

Money was never the matter of concern for them, for they enjoyed their night completely by sitting idle on the bench kept outside the platform, watching Delhi chicks in their mini skirts and other equally attractive attires. Attractive and guarded by their boyfriends who were double the size of Shobit or Avi.

They used to kill their time watching chicks, commenting about their boyfriend (Saala, Shakal dekhi uski? Iseh toh achey hum hai, bas paisey nahi hai, badi gaadiya nahi hai). It was in the month of May. Apart from watching chicks, they spent most of the time day dreaming and sharing what they would do together one day(someday). They had big big dreams like Shobit wants to direct a movie and Avi wants to act.

Avi continued dreaming and saying, One day we would be world famous dude. Our work would be appreciated by people like Aamir, Mani Ratnam and so on. A.R. Rehman ko hire karenge apni movie ke liye.. They had such conversation every single time they met and did they ever got tired? No way. As the time struck 2:30 A.M. both started feeling drowsy. Par sona mana hai. That was their deal of having night out. There was no wind blowing and it was a pretty hot climate(one thing for which Delhi is famous).

They look around and find the deserted ATM cabin. They rush into it and spend around half an hour to 45 minutes in there enjoying the A.C. inside until the Thulley(Policemen)comes in and asks them to get out and get moving. Back to same old bench.

to be continued......

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Waves and Waves

Finally I made up my mind to write. It's not that I was busy but I was too lazy to write(which is not something new).

It's been more than a week in Chennai. My first impression about the city was really bad but then it eventually changed as I witnessed the other side of the city. I am staying at Thiruvanmiyur (I am yet to learn it's correct pronounciation, much tougher than Kerala cities name). My room is near to Thiruvanmiyur beach and do I have to say more? I have started liking this place even more.

While standing at the beach, enjoying my moment I look around me and notice how friends, couples, family and even loners are enjoying the sea, waves, breeze flowing through the air, getting drenched and enjoying the beauty of the nature. I was wondering what is so fascinating about the sea? No matter how many times you watch it you still enjoy it. It's the same thing. Waves hitting the shores and salty water. Still, what is so fascinating about it that everyone who comes here has a smile on their faces even if the person is alone? People who have been to Taj Mahal many times might have got bored with it but someone who goes to beaches every other day, would not.
May be it is because of the fact that Taj Mahal though beautiful it is static and beaches though same but always in motion. Or may be because of the cool wind and positive vibes of the people around it that makes the experience a better one.

Another interesting thing which I noticed today evening while I was standing alone and looking at the waves hitting the shores is, every time a wave hit the shores it leaves a mark which is wiped by next wave only if it manages to cross the distance that the previous one reached.

I remember the good old days when we were kid and we challenge each other in long jump and each time we jumped and crossed the distance we mark that place and then try again to reach to the farthest distance. Similarly, each time a wave reaches a distance and mark the point, it shouts with joy yeayyyy and then says to the other waves lets go back and try again. Then the other wave comes and crosses the distance and shouts hey I reached farthest, lets try again. It's fun. They never get tired and keep playing again and again. Yes, it's fun for them and they enjoy what they do.

I miss the days when we used to compete not to win but to have fun. It was never to prove I am better than you but for pleasure. And as I walk back from there I carry a smile back home remembering my childhood days. It was fun.

Sitting on my bed with closed eyes and hand on the back of my head, I relax and live those moments once again. Smile shows up on my face once again and I wish it remains there, forever.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


It's strange that at times when you are desperate to have something and when you get it, you are not happy. I am not sure whether it happens out of the greed or may be because the person is unaware of what exactly he/she wants. Few things that have always surprised me is how small things can make one really happy while a big reward or achievement cannot do so.

Off late I have realized that I am no longer a small kid. The whole idea of being grown up makes me feel nervous. Probably because I am yet to get out of that comfort zone and memories of my childhood when all I need to worry about was 2+2 = 4, Dictation test and so on. When life was more fun and less stressful. I am yet to accept the fact that I have turned 24 and this is the junction where I have to decide about what exactly I must be doing?

My dream is sitting around a coffee table, sipping Mocha, observing people and thinking how strange life is and how beautiful we can make it. But to do so I need to ensure I have earned enough so that people depending upon me can live a comfortable life. Probably that could be the reason why guys run away from commitments. Commitment means responsibility of one person which after few years would turn into 3 excluding your own.

But I never wanted to run away from responsibility. I always loved the fact that there is someone who is depending upon me and more blessed would be a young life sleeping peacefully in my arms, soft like a feather and cheeks red like a cherry, eyes closed, tiny little palms gripping around my finger and covered with feathery blanket. I being a reason for the existence of that life makes me feel even more happy. Happiness that money can't buy.

What makes it more beautiful is She lying on my other arm, the other reason for the existence of such a beautiful life and a teardrop in her eyes. Yes, this little life is a part of her and a part of me, a part of both of us. What more can I ask for? A comfortable home with wooden flooring, fluffy bed, tiny little baby in my arms and my sweetheart lying next to me hugging me tight. Life is Beautiful.

This is all I want and A Coffee maker. :-) I saw one recently in Croma for just Rs. 5000/-, loved it. Anyone kind enough to GIFT me one?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random - Living Life

It is not that everyday you feel really positive about the day as soon as you wake up, at least it does not happen with me. But it happened today so here I am sipping a hot cup of coffee and typing my blog sharing my thoughts about being happy. Philosophical? May be. Humor? May be. Erotica? Certainly no err but I wish I could add something of that sort but I am not that good with it.

Anyway a quick update (by the way it is never Anyways, it is Anyway. Anyways is used when you wanna fuck in any ways, like A-hole, B-job and so on. There you go now you have something A-rated too. Hope that makes this blog a big hit. sighhh I ain't any Shobha De.) Oh about quick update. I am doing KILA project, a rural project. Visiting Kerala villages and understanding the ground reality of Grama Panchayat. It's been a good experience though I am yet to see a village in here.

The feel good factor that I am feeling these days is related to the number of days left for me to go back to my home. Being away from home I realized the value of my parents, brother, my friends and my home. I am sure once I reach my home I would be writing a big lengthy blog. The feelings, my experience. I am gonna blast out till I am at home. Gonna live each moment of it to the maximum. Only thing that would play a spoil sport is HEAT. :| I have decided to support environmental organisation to stop these global warming. GLOBAL WARMING would ruin my holiday and I don't want it to happen.

Oh by the way good or bad news for all of you. Once I would reach home I would be regularly updating my blog; which means I would forcefully make you all read my blog. More and more posts and comments toh ZAROORI hai. So be ready for the torture.

C Ya

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ten Things I Want To Do

1. Marry The Girl I Love. Whoever she be.

2. Open a Cafe. This is one of those dream which keeps me going. Loss or Profit, it does not matter. I would start my own Cafe someday.

3. Build my Dream Home. I have a dream home in my mind and it would be one of the most beautiful creation. Peace and calmness rejuvenating you whenever you visit our home.

4. Have two cute little kids. My world. Yes I want to be dad and this desire was in me even before I started with my high school. Somewhere inside I always wanted to settle down than focusing on my career.

5. Retire by the age of 45. Yes, you read that right. I want to retire by the age of 45 or even before that. I do not want to spend my entire life working. I want to enjoy my days with my life when I am young.

6. Start my own photo studio/photo gallery. No logic behind it, I just want to start it.

7. Above all I want to write a novel. At least one novel. It's inside me, a desire which I want to fulfill at any cost.

8. To explore my country on a bike, a bicycle. Yes, I love to travel and that is one thing which I want to do. Have you seen Into The Wild? If not, do watch it. You would get to know what I meant.

9. May be enter into politics. Something which amused me ever since I have tried to understand what exactly happens in the parliament and how it affects us.

10. Direct a movie. Shrey would be the lead character. Not because he is my friend but because he is a good actor. One movie would do.

So these are some of the things which I want to do. Some desires of mine.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dedicated To People Who Matter to Me

This one post, dedicated to all those people (except my immediate family) who matters to me. Who made their existence felt in my life? And it would be pretty long.

To start with (in no chronological order) -

Gaurav Sharma - This flamboyant character is hard to find in these days. He is one of those personalities who would either win your heart or make you feel jealous at the very first instant. Being with him for more than 3 years has taught me a lot. He had been there through the toughest phase of my life, when I was all alone and people kept distance with me. He was there giving me full support. He is full of confidence, which was proved when he walked on the college ramp for Mr. Personality half naked and asked faculty members to come in micro mini if he becomes director of the college. To everybody's disappointment he is not the director of the college and to his disappointment he was disqualified. But he had the guts to do that. That is Gaurav Sharma. He has his own charm and carries it quite confidently. Wish you all the best and take care of my chocolate partner dude.

Shrey Sharma - Another interesting character of my life. He is full of energy and childish by nature. However he never likes to be called as a Kido, Cute or Sweet. He likes to be called as Handsome, Sexy and Mature. He forgives everyone and would go out of his way to help others whether that be the kid living in a slump outside his house or someone who is totally stranger to him and may be won’t meet him in his life ever. He does not think twice before reacting and he does not have any inhibitions with in him. He would act like a monkey in a sophisticated 5 star restaurant without fearing to be thrown out or ridiculed by others. That is Shrey Sharma. Full of enthu and carries a dream of being a well known actor some day. He does not leave his hope even in toughest situation. I have very precious memories with him which I would cherish so long I live. He is my best friend.

Sterin Pereira - My childhood best friend. He is been there in thick and thin of my life. Knows me more than I know myself. Spending evenings doing nothing still feeling you did a lot together, had best of the time that can happen only with
Sterin. He is full of sense of humour and that too irritating ones. He would make any situation humorous though you would run after his life later on. He is crazy. He cannot kick a goal though he is the only person near the goal and the goal keeper is standing in the half court but he can do awesome rainbow flick. He would force us to shoot video and click pic of his while he is driving bike without holding it. He would do anything to enjoy that adrenaline.

Ekta Jain – One of those personalities who love me for what I am but then knows that I can never be her life partner. Negativity? Well it is a part of her life now and I understand why she feels so. After going through so much in her life I won’t blame her for carrying negativity in her mind. She thinks only good for others no matter how much others have hurt her. It does not matter to her. She would help the person even though she did not got any help when she needed it. She is innocent and simple person. She is one of those homely girls who love to giggle and live in her own world of imagination. She is getting engaged soon and I wish her all the best for her future. Let her life be full of happiness. Correction : She is not getting engaged, she played a prank. :| Stupid me.

Bharat Kalra – Moment I think of him, a smile comes on my face. He is a joker, he is a drama, he is angry young man but he is a good human being. He speaks his heart out and has his own way of dealing with people, whether that is our burger wale bhaiya or director of our college. He can deal with anyone with ease. He is known for his pagalpanti. He along with Shrey makes the best pair. You won’t feel bored when you are with them. They know how to enjoy the moment though they have no money in their pocket. I learned how to live and enjoy life with them.

Pooja Soni – My online friend with whom I shared almost everything about me and my life. With whom I used to fight while chatting. She is one of those precious people in my life who made my life worthy but then every good thing has to come to an end. She had been there all the time. She was there to listen to me, to fight with me, to play pranks on others, to tease others. Pooja, a person who lives for her friends and would do anything for her friends. She is reckless and meets with accident all the time. She is happy for she found her love and I wish her all the best.

Asifa Afroz - Very few people knows about her role in my life. She is really gorgeous. We met in a very strange scenario and before I realize we were really close to each other. She knows each and everything about me and I cherish the closeness I have with her. Mutual respect and love for each other has made this relation really pure and innocent. I admire her for what she is and respect her for her views towards life. The amount of care and pamper I got from her was something which I never expected from anyone. I still remember the first day I saw her during the training session and I asked my friend Darius about her. I started searching for her name in my office mail list. Finally, I found her name, mailed her and to my surprise I got a reply too. Girl whom I hardly knows, hardly ever talked to, I was asking her to come out and meet me. It was drizzling in the early morning and I was waiting for my cab and for her too. Well to be honest I was not expecting her to come out to meet me but then she did. She did came out and met me. There we were, standing outside of our office, chit chatting, getting wet in the drizzle. From then till now, We have come a long way. She is important to me and I am glad I had some really good time with her which would be cherished forever my life. She is a very good friend of mine.

Vartika Negi - I call her Kameeni and she calls me Kameena, makes sense specially when you are working in the same organization. Kidding. She is one of those characters who enjoys her work and gives the best. This was evident from her quality reports. I still remember, I was taking calls for quite some time and when I noticed Avaya(the phone which tells how long you have been on calls) I realized I have been on call for 3 and half hour continously, taking calls one after the other. I was excited and called Vartika. She smiled and asked me to notice her time. She was on call for 3 hours and 45 minutes. That is her dedication towards her work. She been a great friend to me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dedicated to Freedom Of Speech

I am a citizen of India and I have the freedom of speech, i.e. is my birth right. Why all of a sudden I am saying all this? Well recently I have been a part of group blogging in my college. It was something which we have to do for our internal marks, A COMPULSION. This is being conducted in all the four classes.

Recently I had the privilege to check other section's blog. One of the students, wrote about how you can give good time to your girl friend by smooching her the right way. Well it was quite offensive, at least that is what they believe. He got left, right and center from his class teacher. He must have felt bad but he never gave up. Then comes his next post talking about not to misunderstand a girl's laugh. I agree to him completely. Even GOD can't judge a woman.

Well it is not this which has provoked me to write this blog, what provoked me is the comments posted my some of the classmates who calls themselves sane and talks the language of decency.

The blog was just an experience of him and what followed was some SMART ASSES posting the comments trying to demotivate him. I usually do not take names but I would make an exception today.

SUDHANSHU PANDEY - one of those idiotic personalities who does not understand even the simplest thing taught by the faculty, who is filled with queries posted comments asking the author to remove his narrow mindedness and then posting sarcastic comments on the apology blog.

Another one come from ABHISHEK GUPTA who requested the author to do a mental checkup and join BAJRANG DAL, RSS, SHIV SENA and other such conservative parties. WOHHHAA who is he? GOD? Guiding light for all the citizens of India? Isn't India suffering coz of such people and such parties? For once I wish democracy was not prevailing in our country and these parties were demolished.

Punishing someone for sharing personal experiences? I guess they have not understood the meaning of blogging?

Final words to the Author: I appreciate and empathize with your blog posts. I understand you were expressing your views and response you got is not something you expected. Though you got a bitter experience but I hope you realize that the people you are dealing with are hypocrites and conservative. Do not feel bad cause of their posts who watches porn in secrecy, discuss about girls all the time and stare at them whenever they pass by as if they are some prey. Bloody Hypocrites.

Suggestion, start your own blog and do not pour your experiences in a blog where no one appreciates or understands your thoughts. Let your blog be your world where you make your own rules.

I appreciate you for the strength you are showing. Do not lose hope for each one has their own world and their own people to understand.

P.S. If someone is hurt I am least bothered for this is my blog and my post.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Show Must Go On

All I ever desired for was to spend my life with the girl whom I love. Have a family with her and a small home filled with simplicity and happiness. Not much I desire for. I fought, I kept moving. My heart was broken and I don’t have any count for how many times it was shattered. People hate me; people don’t care about me, neither do I.

I thought it’s easy to live life when you don’t have to bother about anyone and don’t care about anyone. But then at one point of the life you start feeling left out, you start feeling as if it would had been better if you never took birth in this world, at least not as a human. I wonder when my role in this drama would get over. When would I have an exit, when I bow my head to the audience and make an exit only this time it would be forever.

Retired theatre artist, resting in peace, satisfied or unsatisfied with his role? Not sure but is he happy? Oh yes he is. With a cigar in his mouth, hands both folded, face with no emotions on it, eyes closed and lying there in his coffin where he would sleep for the rest of his life. Dreams fulfilled, unfulfilled, doesn’t matter, cause this is the ultimate truth of the life.

So what if he has gone? So what if one artist has retired from the stage of LIFE? Tomorrow it would be a new show, a new face, a new story, for as they say “A SHOW MUST GO ON.”

As Looney Toons says, That’s all folks. :)

P.S. People think I am being pessimist. May be, but that is the way I am.

Monday, January 18, 2010

On Request and little bit show off

People have been curious and surprised seeing my Gajhini hairstyle. Many felt it was funny and weird. I agree to them. I am on weird crazy person. Do I feel good? Oh yes I do and that is why this new post of mine where I try to surprise you even more. My evolution with time:


This is how I got my Gajhini Hairstyle. Courtesy : Sterin Periera(my best friend and hair cut partner)

And This was the outcome.


Click on the pics to ENLARGE it.

P.S. Do post your comments :-P