Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ten Things I Want To Do

1. Marry The Girl I Love. Whoever she be.

2. Open a Cafe. This is one of those dream which keeps me going. Loss or Profit, it does not matter. I would start my own Cafe someday.

3. Build my Dream Home. I have a dream home in my mind and it would be one of the most beautiful creation. Peace and calmness rejuvenating you whenever you visit our home.

4. Have two cute little kids. My world. Yes I want to be dad and this desire was in me even before I started with my high school. Somewhere inside I always wanted to settle down than focusing on my career.

5. Retire by the age of 45. Yes, you read that right. I want to retire by the age of 45 or even before that. I do not want to spend my entire life working. I want to enjoy my days with my life when I am young.

6. Start my own photo studio/photo gallery. No logic behind it, I just want to start it.

7. Above all I want to write a novel. At least one novel. It's inside me, a desire which I want to fulfill at any cost.

8. To explore my country on a bike, a bicycle. Yes, I love to travel and that is one thing which I want to do. Have you seen Into The Wild? If not, do watch it. You would get to know what I meant.

9. May be enter into politics. Something which amused me ever since I have tried to understand what exactly happens in the parliament and how it affects us.

10. Direct a movie. Shrey would be the lead character. Not because he is my friend but because he is a good actor. One movie would do.

So these are some of the things which I want to do. Some desires of mine.