Friday, January 11, 2008

Heart Break and Pain

Almost all of us might have gone through bad relation. We all cried when our relation comes to an end, when both part their ways and bid good bye leaving a bitter taste in our mouth. All of a sudden we start cursing GOD or our Ex-Lover and start thinking negative. I don't blame anyone who thinks this way and I totally agree that it’s the last thing you would expect in Love to happen.

I went through same phase and I have also experienced the same. One thing that I learned is, every relation teaches you something and molds you into a better human being. Hard times are a part of life too. All I felt is God has his own ways of teaching. He loves us a lot for sure and he is always there to support you. But we never tend to look at a brighter aspect of life and things that happen in life.

More and more we spend time cursing and swearing, tougher it gets to forget the bad part and move on with life. One has to understand, path to Heaven or peace is not all about bed of roses. A smile on face, a strong mind to face all and a positive attitude is all that is needed to overcome sorrows. One should learn from broken relation to move on in life and thank GOD for making you go through those hard times, giving you a chance to learn and make you mature.

Love ALL and Expect Nothing in Return

- Life -

I always believed we all have great potential to do wonders. I just wonder why people don’t utilize their potential for good. In a country like India for that matter even on Global Front, what we lack is the sense of helping others. We never feel satisfied seeing others being successful and are always ready to pull them down from the ladder of success.

The greed for power is the main reason for destruction. Human Beings has to understand that by letting the need for power rule the mind we are actually destructing the peace with in us.

One has to realize that there is only one exit and we all have to end our way there. No one has ever ruled his death. If all of us has to do die one day then why fight and live our days in unrest.

Let's join hands together, make the world a beautiful place for our coming generation. Lets stand for each other and let’s unite.

Love all...