Friday, January 11, 2008

- Life -

I always believed we all have great potential to do wonders. I just wonder why people don’t utilize their potential for good. In a country like India for that matter even on Global Front, what we lack is the sense of helping others. We never feel satisfied seeing others being successful and are always ready to pull them down from the ladder of success.

The greed for power is the main reason for destruction. Human Beings has to understand that by letting the need for power rule the mind we are actually destructing the peace with in us.

One has to realize that there is only one exit and we all have to end our way there. No one has ever ruled his death. If all of us has to do die one day then why fight and live our days in unrest.

Let's join hands together, make the world a beautiful place for our coming generation. Lets stand for each other and let’s unite.

Love all...

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piya said...

i am always der wid u buddy...