Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Show Must Go On

All I ever desired for was to spend my life with the girl whom I love. Have a family with her and a small home filled with simplicity and happiness. Not much I desire for. I fought, I kept moving. My heart was broken and I don’t have any count for how many times it was shattered. People hate me; people don’t care about me, neither do I.

I thought it’s easy to live life when you don’t have to bother about anyone and don’t care about anyone. But then at one point of the life you start feeling left out, you start feeling as if it would had been better if you never took birth in this world, at least not as a human. I wonder when my role in this drama would get over. When would I have an exit, when I bow my head to the audience and make an exit only this time it would be forever.

Retired theatre artist, resting in peace, satisfied or unsatisfied with his role? Not sure but is he happy? Oh yes he is. With a cigar in his mouth, hands both folded, face with no emotions on it, eyes closed and lying there in his coffin where he would sleep for the rest of his life. Dreams fulfilled, unfulfilled, doesn’t matter, cause this is the ultimate truth of the life.

So what if he has gone? So what if one artist has retired from the stage of LIFE? Tomorrow it would be a new show, a new face, a new story, for as they say “A SHOW MUST GO ON.”

As Looney Toons says, That’s all folks. :)

P.S. People think I am being pessimist. May be, but that is the way I am.

Monday, January 18, 2010

On Request and little bit show off

People have been curious and surprised seeing my Gajhini hairstyle. Many felt it was funny and weird. I agree to them. I am on weird crazy person. Do I feel good? Oh yes I do and that is why this new post of mine where I try to surprise you even more. My evolution with time:


This is how I got my Gajhini Hairstyle. Courtesy : Sterin Periera(my best friend and hair cut partner)

And This was the outcome.


Click on the pics to ENLARGE it.

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