Monday, January 18, 2010

On Request and little bit show off

People have been curious and surprised seeing my Gajhini hairstyle. Many felt it was funny and weird. I agree to them. I am on weird crazy person. Do I feel good? Oh yes I do and that is why this new post of mine where I try to surprise you even more. My evolution with time:


This is how I got my Gajhini Hairstyle. Courtesy : Sterin Periera(my best friend and hair cut partner)

And This was the outcome.


Click on the pics to ENLARGE it.

P.S. Do post your comments :-P


cutestdost said...

oh my god! i didnt knew abt dis.. lol....
u simply have guts to play wid ur hairs.. :P

STERIN said...

ye haircut partner kya hota hai be?????? btw ye pic tune abhi bhi smbhal kar rakhi thi???? to be frank, isko teri watt lagane k liye khichi thi.. i thought i would post it in ur orkut.. fir socha rehne deta hu.... TUNE to apne blog mein hi laga diya .. lolz...