Monday, September 7, 2009

In Love With Solitude

People say loneliness destroys you, takes you to the world of depression. People say you would lose your mind when you are lonely. I say enjoy the loneliness, spend time with yourself, grow in love with solitude.

Solitude teaches you a lot. It makes you realize the importance of love, relationship, people around you, people who were there in your life, people who ditched you, people who supported you in your hard times; above all it makes you realize the importance of GOD.

It is only when you are lonely, when you are in a state of solitude you realize how close you are to GOD. I had some of my best communication with him when I was all alone.

Loneliness is not a phase when you sulk and feel sorry for yourself; it is a phase when God wants to talk with you. Music is the best medium and tears are the best tools. Do not hesitate to cry your heart out. No your machoism would not be questioned.

Solitude is a phase when you spend time with yourself; spend time with your soul. Tears purify your soul and bring you more close to GOD. Have faith in him, have faith in yourself.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

With Arms Wide Open

With open arms I stand on the edge of the cliff and look straight up on sky. My eyes are closed and I can feel the cool breeze passing through me, purifying my soul. I can smell the aroma of my soul. I can feel the happiness on my face.

I lie there on green grass with my arms wide open, waiting for my angel to hug me. As I open my eyes slowly I am welcomed with white rays of light and there she was floating on clouds. Pure and innocent. Her charm is so magnetic, pulling me closer to her, into her.

I feel mesmerized and there she is looking at me. Our eyes meet and we look into each other. The smile on her face and twinkle in her eyes were asking me to walk into her arms. I keep looking into her eyes and walk towards her, step by step. As I move closer to her with every step the light gets stronger and more divine. Soon when I reach close to her, just inches away from her face I realize nothing beneath me.

I am floating on the cloud with her, holding her both hands in my hand gently. The faith in her grows stronger, the love for her grows. My mind feels the peace with in and soul feeling the calm. I am in love with myself and she is holding me, making me realize the power of undying love. Love which is peaceful in nature spreads happiness everywhere I smile. She taught me everything with her smile and her gestures. No words said nor heard. Love was whispered from one soul to another.

The power of love and secret of happiness lies in loving yourself and loving others without expecting anything. Pure and humble. I learned it all but there was something that was missing.
I got a hug from my angel. I walk closer to her with my open arms to feel her in my arms.

I look straight onto that lovely, charming, peaceful face and smile on her face grows bigger. I move ahead and as I was about to hold her in my arms the alarm rings and I wake up.

It was a dream but a beautiful one. I long for that hug. I still crave for it. Someday I might end up holding in my arms forever.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Let's Get Started - Yet AGAIN.

I have no clue why I stopped blogging? I left all those things; which once I used to enjoy.

I used to daydream a lot and I used to enjoy my evening by playing cricket or some other sports. I used to spend my noon under tree playing marbles. I used to be carefree; I used to enjoy each moment.

I have so many burdens on my shoulder, so much responsibilities and dreams (not just mine but of my parents and grand parents too) to fulfill that I have lost the sense of freedom. I have to be rich and mature, get a good paying job and earn well so that I can enjoy my life. But wait wasn't I enjoying before too?

I am free yet not free. I am living yet not living. I am earning yet I am poor. What has happened to me? I have grown up and now I have to be mature.

Right. I should move on and leave those lovely days behind. I should work harder and harder in order to survive and earn more to make sure I live happily. But when? When I would be 55 yr. old uncle or granddad may be?

In this fast track life we have lost the essence of life. We are living but as good as a dead man. We aren't doing any justice to our LIFE and that is when I hear a sound coming from inner self. Take a deep breath child, relax. Cherish the nature and be part of someone's happiness. Earning money is important, working hard is important but do not forget the real essence of life.

Cherish each moment with a smile and listen to you heart. Do not just keep running. It is important to take a break and do nothing. Being carefree once in a while is not bad at all. You deserve the happiness and it comes most when you listen to HIM and follow his path to PEACE.

So Let's get started, yet again. Let's LIVE Life Than JUST Live Life.