Saturday, July 20, 2013

Little things, making big difference.

Few weeks back I saw a video on Facebook made by two guys - Adam and Sheikh. First time I saw that video, I felt well there you see a bunch of people who did something good for may be getting fame and glory. To be honest, I did not believe what they did would be continued. It was like a one act of goodness, kindness but that's it. I respect their act and appreciate what they did. Was I wrong in doubting them? Absolutely.

Today, when I logged into Facebook, I came across a video which just blow my mind out. What they started as one time act has gone viral. It has spread like anything and more and more people are joining in. They have started a whole new trend to serve homeless people on Facebook. It's absolutely beautiful and we shall spread this even further.

I have posted both the videos below. Take a look and act. :)

1st act of kindness from ASA:

How it goes viral over the world:

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lost in the Crowd

It was a pleasant evening. Party was indeed a splendid one. Every one had a smile on their face and eyes hunting for their prey. Girls were loving the attention they were getting. Music was loud and amazingly not hurting. There were few couples dancing in a corner and few buddy gangs moving their hips with the rhythm. The atmosphere was electrifying, yet Ansh was feeling lost in the crowd. It's not that he came to the party alone. He had his gang along with him, busy chit chatting. Amit was as usual oggling at all those slender legs and delicious figures. Ravi, well he thought it's better to give company to Amit rather than sit bored in a corner. Hansika, as usual was full chirpy and Radhika was giving tough competition to her. Ansh loved his gang like anything yet, he was feeling empty today. Sitting in a corner knowing nothing to do, with a glass of beer in his hand, he was staring like a zombie at the wall. He hasn't moved a muscle since last 15 minutes and his butt was fixed to the bag he was sitting on. Thank god, they had bean bags or else God knows what would have happened to his rear.

He wasn't always like this. He was social, jovial and a party animal. Suddenly everything seems to have changed. Worst, his friends have not been be able to notice it too. Was it something to do with his hiding skills or were they too busy in their own life? Whatever it be, Ansh is happy that they are unlike other friends who keep poking the person to know what is happening. He knows that they would wait for the right time when Ansh would speak up and spill it out, all by himself. They had the patience.

Ansh still staring at the wall, with his mouth closed was wondering how he could tell this to his friends, how he can share it with his friends? He knows he cannot hide it from them for long. They are his best friends. He want to say it but whenever he comes so damn close to speak, his throat dries up, he chokes and his eyes well up. He does not know how can this affect him so much. He has been a strong guy emotionally and physically. He never imagined anything like this would hurt him so badly and would leave him speechless. But he has to tell them, if not today then tomorrow. But he has to tell them.

Finally he gathered his courage and decided to speak up. He kept his beer mug down. Everyone shifted their focus. Hansika stopped whatever she was talking about, abruptly and looked into Ansh's eyes. Radhika was silent too. Realizing the silence, Ravi and Amit stopped their oggling and turned their head back to their friends. They knew something serious is going to happen. Ansh looked into the eyes of Radhika as his eyes started to become moist. Radhika knew this is going to be really bad. She has never seen Ansh so desperate and weak.

Ansh decided it has to be now. He raised his head and blurted it out finally. What followed was a shock for all.

He said - "Beth has died."

Everyone were puzzled and were trying to make sense of what Ansh has just said.

Realizing his friend's confusion he decided to speak further with his heavy heart and moisted eyes - "Beth is a thirteen year old girl, she loved her sisters very much. She loved her dolls so much. She was really attached to her sister Jo. I can't believe she is no longer alive. It's making me feel so sad."

Ansh's friends were all sad now. They figured out Beth must have been really important person in Ansh's life. But how come he never told them about her if she was so important? How come they never met her? Leaving every thought aside Radhika, got up from her seat and sat near to Ansh who was weeping in pain with his head held between his hands. She kept her hand on his shoulder and tried consoling him.

Radhika spoke how it must have been really difficult for him and everything would be fine.

Ravi asked when is the funeral? and Ansh raised his head. His eyes have become red with all those crying. With choking voice he said, I don't know. She hasn't wrote about her funeral. All were little confused. Hansika questioned with curiousity, what you mean by she hasn't wrote about her funeral?

He replied - "You see Louisa Alcott has mentioned how sick Beth has become and how she nearing to her death but hasn't reffered anything about her funeral in her book."

The expressions on the face of the friends were similar to what you have on your face now after reading this. If you guessed it by the mid of this post, well good for you. :D

Inspired from "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" where Rachel asks Joey to read a novel "Little Women" which is written by Louis May Alcott

Thursday, July 21, 2011


On the edge of the cliff as I sit alone with my legs suspended in thin air, I wonder what this life means? Why is that we do not get what we wish for, what we dream for? We struggle, we fight, we cry and we smile. Yet we do not get what we aspire for, whom we love.

Guess life means dreaming and keep going in the pursuit of it. If we get what we dream for, there won't be any dream left in us. We fly in our dream, we love someone in our dream, we built castles in our dream. Living in a dreamland is full of happiness and smiles.

Life is opposite to it. But then we are lucky enough to live in both world. But why can't it be same? Life is a question and an answer to the same. Life is what we live out of choice, dream is what we live with choice.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


All goes through this phase, one day or the other. The phase where in one isn't aware of what state of mind he/she is. The phase where in one isn't aware of what to expect next. The phase where in one can't make the meaning of what is happening in and around us. Clueless, lost not cause something bas happened but cause nothing is happening as per what you want. Some say it's a phase of lost soul. I say it's a phase where in you float with time. Letting the life and time lead your way.

I wanna be a lonely soul
running on an empty road
letting the time to lead
but not to the path where I wanna go
Wish there were more smiles on my face
And I walk in a peaceful pace
But life never been so nice
Smiles has never been kind
Tears is the only mate
Love turns into hate
I wanna be a lonely soul
running on an empty road

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Complicated Mind

Human Psychology is one of the most complicated stuff to understand. It does not take a fraction of a second for your mood to swing and a fraction of a second to actually change a perception about someone or something. Worst part is when it comes to relationship it gets even more complicated. but why is it so?

It is not just one mind that you have to control anymore, but its two mind that needs to be work together in a sync to have a peaceful, happy relationship.

Expectations that is assuming other person would understand you or behave in a certain manner in certain situation is another thing that makes it more complicated. Why? cause we all know no two people are alike yet we expect them to behave the way we do or understand the reason behind our behavior or action.

We take others for granted and we do not realize when we started taking them for granted till the point when they decide not to be with you. Our mind give priority to ourselves first then to another.

Ideology conflict: We forget that each one has their own ideology and need not have to match to our ideology. Ideology is one's own belief which can be different to their partners. We tend to forget to respect them and end up hurting them.

To be honest although I have said all this and understand the importance of all these factors in relationship however, I have not followed it. Knowingly or unknowingly I have hurt people to have my comfort forgetting what they expect from me. Somewhere down the line I have realized the pain of losing the important people due to my selfishness.

Then Why I am writing all this? Well, so that in case if someone understands these and implies in his or her life, probably they won't go through the pain I have went through.

As my Facebook status message read someday back, Do not give advices to people in pain. That is the last thing one should do. Lending an ear would do. Patient listening is what matters.

Funny part is, we all know these things but when it comes to real situation we tend to forget it and act keeping ourselves first and others last. We do not want to sacrifice. We don't like to sacrifice our comfort.

Value what you have in your life and realize the importance of the people in your life. I do realize the importance of people I have in my life and I do not want to lose them. I have learned my lesson.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dedicated to Friendship

It's not always I write a blog dedicated to someone but today is one of those days when I am totally in a mood to write a blog dedicated to that special friend of mine.

I know her for about 6 years now. Though we were not that close enough in initial years of our friendship but it gradually grew so strong that I can totally rely on her and can probably share everything and anything with her.

She is beautiful, she is cute and she has a loving heart too but then she was dumb(notice the word 'was') and too emotional also. Fortunately she learned her lessons and changed for good. She is full of advices and shares her experience. She is talkative like every other girl.

There were many moments with her that I cherish the most but then she won't like me to spill it over here. It would be too embarrassing for her and she would not think twice before killing me.

She is exactly the way I am. Probably that is one of the reason why I connect so well with her. Best part is, she advices me when I do wrong and I advice her when she does wrong. No matter how depressing mood I am into, few lines of conversation with her and I am all cheered up again. I don't have to tell her I am upset and she does not talk big big things to bring me out of the blue mood. We talk all nonsense and publicly humiliate each other in a funny way that anyone reading our conversation would think twice before talking to us.

I am glad the way our friendship has shaped up off-late. It's good to be surrounded by people who cares about you, loves you and are always ready to bring the best out of you that too when you are going through bad phase of life.

And that is exactly the kind of friendship I share with TANIA KAPOOR. Thank you for being there for me and thank you for being such a darling.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Ruthless, I can be.
Mean I am
As I walk alone,
Away from my home
It's my world, It's my way
Being Rebel, is the way I play

With a head held up high
U can't hurt me, can't make me cry
As I walk alone,
Away from my home
Leather jacket and my bike
I fly at a speed I like
With a backpack loaded
I swoosh through the road

I ain't an angel, I ain't GOD
I fought against all the odd
And the Devil Grins
As I finally wins
the Battle of life,
The battle of freedom.