Monday, April 27, 2009

Let's Get Started - Yet AGAIN.

I have no clue why I stopped blogging? I left all those things; which once I used to enjoy.

I used to daydream a lot and I used to enjoy my evening by playing cricket or some other sports. I used to spend my noon under tree playing marbles. I used to be carefree; I used to enjoy each moment.

I have so many burdens on my shoulder, so much responsibilities and dreams (not just mine but of my parents and grand parents too) to fulfill that I have lost the sense of freedom. I have to be rich and mature, get a good paying job and earn well so that I can enjoy my life. But wait wasn't I enjoying before too?

I am free yet not free. I am living yet not living. I am earning yet I am poor. What has happened to me? I have grown up and now I have to be mature.

Right. I should move on and leave those lovely days behind. I should work harder and harder in order to survive and earn more to make sure I live happily. But when? When I would be 55 yr. old uncle or granddad may be?

In this fast track life we have lost the essence of life. We are living but as good as a dead man. We aren't doing any justice to our LIFE and that is when I hear a sound coming from inner self. Take a deep breath child, relax. Cherish the nature and be part of someone's happiness. Earning money is important, working hard is important but do not forget the real essence of life.

Cherish each moment with a smile and listen to you heart. Do not just keep running. It is important to take a break and do nothing. Being carefree once in a while is not bad at all. You deserve the happiness and it comes most when you listen to HIM and follow his path to PEACE.

So Let's get started, yet again. Let's LIVE Life Than JUST Live Life.