Saturday, July 20, 2013

Little things, making big difference.

Few weeks back I saw a video on Facebook made by two guys - Adam and Sheikh. First time I saw that video, I felt well there you see a bunch of people who did something good for may be getting fame and glory. To be honest, I did not believe what they did would be continued. It was like a one act of goodness, kindness but that's it. I respect their act and appreciate what they did. Was I wrong in doubting them? Absolutely.

Today, when I logged into Facebook, I came across a video which just blow my mind out. What they started as one time act has gone viral. It has spread like anything and more and more people are joining in. They have started a whole new trend to serve homeless people on Facebook. It's absolutely beautiful and we shall spread this even further.

I have posted both the videos below. Take a look and act. :)

1st act of kindness from ASA:

How it goes viral over the world:

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