Monday, September 7, 2009

In Love With Solitude

People say loneliness destroys you, takes you to the world of depression. People say you would lose your mind when you are lonely. I say enjoy the loneliness, spend time with yourself, grow in love with solitude.

Solitude teaches you a lot. It makes you realize the importance of love, relationship, people around you, people who were there in your life, people who ditched you, people who supported you in your hard times; above all it makes you realize the importance of GOD.

It is only when you are lonely, when you are in a state of solitude you realize how close you are to GOD. I had some of my best communication with him when I was all alone.

Loneliness is not a phase when you sulk and feel sorry for yourself; it is a phase when God wants to talk with you. Music is the best medium and tears are the best tools. Do not hesitate to cry your heart out. No your machoism would not be questioned.

Solitude is a phase when you spend time with yourself; spend time with your soul. Tears purify your soul and bring you more close to GOD. Have faith in him, have faith in yourself.