Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random - Living Life

It is not that everyday you feel really positive about the day as soon as you wake up, at least it does not happen with me. But it happened today so here I am sipping a hot cup of coffee and typing my blog sharing my thoughts about being happy. Philosophical? May be. Humor? May be. Erotica? Certainly no err but I wish I could add something of that sort but I am not that good with it.

Anyway a quick update (by the way it is never Anyways, it is Anyway. Anyways is used when you wanna fuck in any ways, like A-hole, B-job and so on. There you go now you have something A-rated too. Hope that makes this blog a big hit. sighhh I ain't any Shobha De.) Oh about quick update. I am doing KILA project, a rural project. Visiting Kerala villages and understanding the ground reality of Grama Panchayat. It's been a good experience though I am yet to see a village in here.

The feel good factor that I am feeling these days is related to the number of days left for me to go back to my home. Being away from home I realized the value of my parents, brother, my friends and my home. I am sure once I reach my home I would be writing a big lengthy blog. The feelings, my experience. I am gonna blast out till I am at home. Gonna live each moment of it to the maximum. Only thing that would play a spoil sport is HEAT. :| I have decided to support environmental organisation to stop these global warming. GLOBAL WARMING would ruin my holiday and I don't want it to happen.

Oh by the way good or bad news for all of you. Once I would reach home I would be regularly updating my blog; which means I would forcefully make you all read my blog. More and more posts and comments toh ZAROORI hai. So be ready for the torture.

C Ya