Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bits And Pieces Make A Story....

I am so excited about my blog that I asked all my friends to check it out. I received lot of compliments and lot of suggestion. It added value to my blog. I still have lot to learn and still have to reach the perfection.

I was talking about my blog to one of my close friend "Alisha". I am happy to know she liked it too and suggested me to add some stories and stuffs like that. Although I never wrote any story but this suggestion did captured my curiosity. I asked her, "How can I write a story? I never wrote any story in my life".

To this she suggested, let your imagination wander. Let your imagination go wild. Now I was more curious. How can one let his imagination go wild and make a story out of it? Sensing my curiosity she smiled and asked "What comes into your mind when I say the word winter?" I started thinking.

She smiled again and said, "To me the words that comes into my mind are cold, snow, sneeze, fire, camp fire, Santa Claus". "Coffee" I said. She smiled again and nodded her head.

I understood what she wanted to convey. Bits and pieces make a story. Life is also bits and pieces of each incident. Now soon I would start writing stories. So all you guys out there keep checking my blog.

Love ALL

I Love Myself.....

I Love Myself and I love being with myself. No matter how worst the problem is or how low I am feeling, few hours I spend with myself and I am back to life.

It's just your soul that would be with you till last breath. Everyone would leave you one day but you won't lose the friendship you have with your heart until you die. Your heart has the answers to all. Your heart guides you when you are in trouble or in pain. You are hurt and feel lonely, spend time with your self.

The one who love them self finds no enemy and its true. If you love yourself you would start loving all. People who feel lonely are the one who actually have not understood their heart yet. They are the one who was not able to communicate with their heart. It’s strange how one makes their life complex. Life is in fact very simple and every problem has many solutions. Seek advice from your heart and you would find solution to all.

Every individual has a reason for his or her existence. All that one should realize is to understand the reason for his/her existence. Do your Karma, and do not seek what would happen in future.

In Crisp:

1. Your existence has a purpose. Everyone is here with a purpose.

2. Do your Karma.

3. Anything and everything that happens, happens for good. Try to learn from each individual. Understand that anything that happens (whether that be painful or cheerful) it teaches you something about life.

4. Your heart is one, which is most close to GOD. GOD is always there with you and guiding you.

After all our life is his gift. We all are his children.

Love All

Friday, March 21, 2008

Play With Risk

I was playing cricket today with my friends. Soon some more guys joined in and challenged us to play against them. WE made a bet, some may say we were gambling but then that was the interesting part of the match. We were playing for our money. We put lot of efforts to win each match. We played two match and we won both.

We played and fought against our stamina to win. We played till last ball and we won the match by one run. By the end of the match when I received the money I gambled for I felt good cause that was my hard work that I put in my play. Today's match made me realize few things.

1. Realize the value of money and respect it. Earning money is not easy, so understand the value of each rupee.

2. Don't be afraid to take risk. Until you take risk you won't learn how to double your money. Loses may happen but this should not stop you from moving ahead. Some may say gambling should not be done but the one who grows financially is the one who gamble.

3. Work hard and work smart. If you have put your money on stake, you would work hard for sure. It’s like a motivating factor which keeps you alive and make you to work hard. It puts you into a position where you start using your brain so that you don't end up losing your money and you are focused.

But if you don't realize the value of the thing for which you are working you may end up leaving the path in mid way. Reason being you won't feel it worth the effort you are putting in. In the end the one who is more focused, realize the value of the thing he is playing for would win.

That’s why it is said survival of the fittest.

:) DJ

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I don't have anything particular to write about. This post is all about my points whatever it may be related to.

Few Points I Learned:

1. Love to the fullest and you would be hurt. No matter how much you love the other person there would be a point in the relation when you would be hurt and that would be the point you realize how much this relation mean to you. No Pain... NO GAIN.

2. Survival of the fittest is true but one who is SMARTER would be the leader than being just a survivor.

3. Trust yourself than trusting others. Time change, Situations change, Circumstances Changes so Do People Change.

4. Critics are your best friends. The one who points at you and tells you where you are wrong is your best friend. So take critics as your best friend than hating them.

5. Strong Willpower makes the person stand against the ODDS. Its easy to flow with emotions.

6. Live your life on your own principles. DON'T COMPROMISE or you may regret later.

7. Having Fun does not end once you get a job. Work is important but more important is to ENJOY your work.

8. Don't run after money; make the money run after you. Work smart and don't work for money. Instead let your work create money.

9. Don't be afraid of PAIN and LOSING. Face them and learn from them.

10. People who say boys never cry are fools. There is no harm in crying. Vent out your emotions and let the tears wash all that is in you, which is hurting you.

Live each moment of your life and live for yourself, cause it’s your life.

:-) Dj