Friday, March 21, 2008

Play With Risk

I was playing cricket today with my friends. Soon some more guys joined in and challenged us to play against them. WE made a bet, some may say we were gambling but then that was the interesting part of the match. We were playing for our money. We put lot of efforts to win each match. We played two match and we won both.

We played and fought against our stamina to win. We played till last ball and we won the match by one run. By the end of the match when I received the money I gambled for I felt good cause that was my hard work that I put in my play. Today's match made me realize few things.

1. Realize the value of money and respect it. Earning money is not easy, so understand the value of each rupee.

2. Don't be afraid to take risk. Until you take risk you won't learn how to double your money. Loses may happen but this should not stop you from moving ahead. Some may say gambling should not be done but the one who grows financially is the one who gamble.

3. Work hard and work smart. If you have put your money on stake, you would work hard for sure. It’s like a motivating factor which keeps you alive and make you to work hard. It puts you into a position where you start using your brain so that you don't end up losing your money and you are focused.

But if you don't realize the value of the thing for which you are working you may end up leaving the path in mid way. Reason being you won't feel it worth the effort you are putting in. In the end the one who is more focused, realize the value of the thing he is playing for would win.

That’s why it is said survival of the fittest.

:) DJ

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