Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bits And Pieces Make A Story....

I am so excited about my blog that I asked all my friends to check it out. I received lot of compliments and lot of suggestion. It added value to my blog. I still have lot to learn and still have to reach the perfection.

I was talking about my blog to one of my close friend "Alisha". I am happy to know she liked it too and suggested me to add some stories and stuffs like that. Although I never wrote any story but this suggestion did captured my curiosity. I asked her, "How can I write a story? I never wrote any story in my life".

To this she suggested, let your imagination wander. Let your imagination go wild. Now I was more curious. How can one let his imagination go wild and make a story out of it? Sensing my curiosity she smiled and asked "What comes into your mind when I say the word winter?" I started thinking.

She smiled again and said, "To me the words that comes into my mind are cold, snow, sneeze, fire, camp fire, Santa Claus". "Coffee" I said. She smiled again and nodded her head.

I understood what she wanted to convey. Bits and pieces make a story. Life is also bits and pieces of each incident. Now soon I would start writing stories. So all you guys out there keep checking my blog.

Love ALL

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Deeps said...

Wow..!!! evn i feel inspired by this "winter" thing. Say "thankx" to Alisha frm my side.
and yes...Best wishes to our emerging wud be "story-teller".
Eager to read one of urs...:)