Saturday, March 15, 2008


I don't have anything particular to write about. This post is all about my points whatever it may be related to.

Few Points I Learned:

1. Love to the fullest and you would be hurt. No matter how much you love the other person there would be a point in the relation when you would be hurt and that would be the point you realize how much this relation mean to you. No Pain... NO GAIN.

2. Survival of the fittest is true but one who is SMARTER would be the leader than being just a survivor.

3. Trust yourself than trusting others. Time change, Situations change, Circumstances Changes so Do People Change.

4. Critics are your best friends. The one who points at you and tells you where you are wrong is your best friend. So take critics as your best friend than hating them.

5. Strong Willpower makes the person stand against the ODDS. Its easy to flow with emotions.

6. Live your life on your own principles. DON'T COMPROMISE or you may regret later.

7. Having Fun does not end once you get a job. Work is important but more important is to ENJOY your work.

8. Don't run after money; make the money run after you. Work smart and don't work for money. Instead let your work create money.

9. Don't be afraid of PAIN and LOSING. Face them and learn from them.

10. People who say boys never cry are fools. There is no harm in crying. Vent out your emotions and let the tears wash all that is in you, which is hurting you.

Live each moment of your life and live for yourself, cause it’s your life.

:-) Dj


piya said...

aptly sited points...

sneha said...

hey atlast i read ur tell u frankly when i read first few paras it seemed more lyk a suicide not...coz u wer givin away thanx to almost everybody...:-)
but in d paras dat followed u wrote some gr8 things...highly impressive n included everything which a person confronts in his short life...
keep it up!!