Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Waves and Waves

Finally I made up my mind to write. It's not that I was busy but I was too lazy to write(which is not something new).

It's been more than a week in Chennai. My first impression about the city was really bad but then it eventually changed as I witnessed the other side of the city. I am staying at Thiruvanmiyur (I am yet to learn it's correct pronounciation, much tougher than Kerala cities name). My room is near to Thiruvanmiyur beach and do I have to say more? I have started liking this place even more.

While standing at the beach, enjoying my moment I look around me and notice how friends, couples, family and even loners are enjoying the sea, waves, breeze flowing through the air, getting drenched and enjoying the beauty of the nature. I was wondering what is so fascinating about the sea? No matter how many times you watch it you still enjoy it. It's the same thing. Waves hitting the shores and salty water. Still, what is so fascinating about it that everyone who comes here has a smile on their faces even if the person is alone? People who have been to Taj Mahal many times might have got bored with it but someone who goes to beaches every other day, would not.
May be it is because of the fact that Taj Mahal though beautiful it is static and beaches though same but always in motion. Or may be because of the cool wind and positive vibes of the people around it that makes the experience a better one.

Another interesting thing which I noticed today evening while I was standing alone and looking at the waves hitting the shores is, every time a wave hit the shores it leaves a mark which is wiped by next wave only if it manages to cross the distance that the previous one reached.

I remember the good old days when we were kid and we challenge each other in long jump and each time we jumped and crossed the distance we mark that place and then try again to reach to the farthest distance. Similarly, each time a wave reaches a distance and mark the point, it shouts with joy yeayyyy and then says to the other waves lets go back and try again. Then the other wave comes and crosses the distance and shouts hey I reached farthest, lets try again. It's fun. They never get tired and keep playing again and again. Yes, it's fun for them and they enjoy what they do.

I miss the days when we used to compete not to win but to have fun. It was never to prove I am better than you but for pleasure. And as I walk back from there I carry a smile back home remembering my childhood days. It was fun.

Sitting on my bed with closed eyes and hand on the back of my head, I relax and live those moments once again. Smile shows up on my face once again and I wish it remains there, forever.


Sreeja K. Nair said...

Too complicated...........

Heena said...

too good...

deepika said...

A loner on a beach and his multitudes of thoughts!!
Well Expressed!!

sneha said...

u r makin me feel jealous...:(