Saturday, June 26, 2010

Night Out and Day Dreaming. COMBO PACK

Shobit, someone who is not so popular, not like other cool hunks in the college but a simple and a jovial person. He is been there always for his friends and had good time togaether. Night outs at Comesum with just Rs. 65 in his pocket and no petrol, he and his friend Avi used to enjoy to the fullest(that's what they think).

Though they had only Rs.65 with them yet they would go for Pepsi diet that too can which costs Rs. 30/- in Comesum. They did their calculations before ordering the Pepsi i.e. Rs.20/ for petrol just to ensure they reach home safely in the morning. Avi did had some 10 bucks in his pocket. It was enough to buy them hot tea from Chai wala for Rs.3/- per glass.

Money was never the matter of concern for them, for they enjoyed their night completely by sitting idle on the bench kept outside the platform, watching Delhi chicks in their mini skirts and other equally attractive attires. Attractive and guarded by their boyfriends who were double the size of Shobit or Avi.

They used to kill their time watching chicks, commenting about their boyfriend (Saala, Shakal dekhi uski? Iseh toh achey hum hai, bas paisey nahi hai, badi gaadiya nahi hai). It was in the month of May. Apart from watching chicks, they spent most of the time day dreaming and sharing what they would do together one day(someday). They had big big dreams like Shobit wants to direct a movie and Avi wants to act.

Avi continued dreaming and saying, One day we would be world famous dude. Our work would be appreciated by people like Aamir, Mani Ratnam and so on. A.R. Rehman ko hire karenge apni movie ke liye.. They had such conversation every single time they met and did they ever got tired? No way. As the time struck 2:30 A.M. both started feeling drowsy. Par sona mana hai. That was their deal of having night out. There was no wind blowing and it was a pretty hot climate(one thing for which Delhi is famous).

They look around and find the deserted ATM cabin. They rush into it and spend around half an hour to 45 minutes in there enjoying the A.C. inside until the Thulley(Policemen)comes in and asks them to get out and get moving. Back to same old bench.

to be continued......

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