Sunday, July 4, 2010


And with each puff I burn down my pains, only for few moments
As the cigar burns, the ashes fall listening to my laments
Another I lite just to drown down my pain, though everything in Vain
One after the another as it dies in ashes
The pain I bear, stronger than the lashes

Oh hell it is, yet I bear. Only to hear
Move on, Move on, Move on with the broken pieces

My heart cries out loud, bleeding from the wound
I lie down on my bed in a hope
bringing back the memories, Irony of a dope
With no strength left I fall on the ground
Standing lone on the seashore with arms wide open

Only to hear it say
Move on, Move on, Move on with the broken pieces

With bullet in my head,
I fall down crashing on my bed
White roses dripping blood
Its the agony of the dead.

Some weep, some cry out loud
some express their grief
As they hear someone say
Life stops for none
Move on, Move on, Move with the broken pieces


jots said...

wah! wah! wah! katal hai.....

deepika said...

U wrote it!!!
Man!...deadly and dreadfully wonderful!
Thou' not among the happiest but indeed among the loveliest!!

As it says:
"Move on, move on, move with the broken pieces........." :)

All the best for luck and labour!! :)

Unnikrishnan said...

hey gr8 man nice 1...guess it has lots to do wth ur current situation...well its the worst dat brngs out the best in us...lyk u said "move on, move on, move on with the broken pieces"...