Thursday, June 3, 2010


It's strange that at times when you are desperate to have something and when you get it, you are not happy. I am not sure whether it happens out of the greed or may be because the person is unaware of what exactly he/she wants. Few things that have always surprised me is how small things can make one really happy while a big reward or achievement cannot do so.

Off late I have realized that I am no longer a small kid. The whole idea of being grown up makes me feel nervous. Probably because I am yet to get out of that comfort zone and memories of my childhood when all I need to worry about was 2+2 = 4, Dictation test and so on. When life was more fun and less stressful. I am yet to accept the fact that I have turned 24 and this is the junction where I have to decide about what exactly I must be doing?

My dream is sitting around a coffee table, sipping Mocha, observing people and thinking how strange life is and how beautiful we can make it. But to do so I need to ensure I have earned enough so that people depending upon me can live a comfortable life. Probably that could be the reason why guys run away from commitments. Commitment means responsibility of one person which after few years would turn into 3 excluding your own.

But I never wanted to run away from responsibility. I always loved the fact that there is someone who is depending upon me and more blessed would be a young life sleeping peacefully in my arms, soft like a feather and cheeks red like a cherry, eyes closed, tiny little palms gripping around my finger and covered with feathery blanket. I being a reason for the existence of that life makes me feel even more happy. Happiness that money can't buy.

What makes it more beautiful is She lying on my other arm, the other reason for the existence of such a beautiful life and a teardrop in her eyes. Yes, this little life is a part of her and a part of me, a part of both of us. What more can I ask for? A comfortable home with wooden flooring, fluffy bed, tiny little baby in my arms and my sweetheart lying next to me hugging me tight. Life is Beautiful.

This is all I want and A Coffee maker. :-) I saw one recently in Croma for just Rs. 5000/-, loved it. Anyone kind enough to GIFT me one?


deepika said...

Grown up at 24!!! U reminded me that even I am grown up. :P

Love your "Writing Style" and your thoughts contribute immensely to make it more beautiful. :)

May your wishes soon be realised.
Keep Smiling and writing!! :)

Peeyush said...

Thank you Deepika and yes I would keep on writing. Thank you for motivating me. At least someone likes my style of writing. :P

By the way when are you writing?

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

U wrote all this today...???
And yeah im hebby that finally the dodo did grow up ha :) and pehle wale posts mein kabse trying to post comments ho hi nai rahe hain :(
aur coffee chaiye...toh ghar aaja nothing to beat authentic southie wala kaapi :D

Sreeja K. Nair said...

Loved it...........

Peeyush said...

Thanks for the invite Madu and I am sure I would love the Kaapi.

Sreeja : Thanks baby and I am sure you would be equally happy for being the reason for that sweet little life who would be a living proof of us. :)