Friday, February 26, 2010

Dedicated To People Who Matter to Me

This one post, dedicated to all those people (except my immediate family) who matters to me. Who made their existence felt in my life? And it would be pretty long.

To start with (in no chronological order) -

Gaurav Sharma - This flamboyant character is hard to find in these days. He is one of those personalities who would either win your heart or make you feel jealous at the very first instant. Being with him for more than 3 years has taught me a lot. He had been there through the toughest phase of my life, when I was all alone and people kept distance with me. He was there giving me full support. He is full of confidence, which was proved when he walked on the college ramp for Mr. Personality half naked and asked faculty members to come in micro mini if he becomes director of the college. To everybody's disappointment he is not the director of the college and to his disappointment he was disqualified. But he had the guts to do that. That is Gaurav Sharma. He has his own charm and carries it quite confidently. Wish you all the best and take care of my chocolate partner dude.

Shrey Sharma - Another interesting character of my life. He is full of energy and childish by nature. However he never likes to be called as a Kido, Cute or Sweet. He likes to be called as Handsome, Sexy and Mature. He forgives everyone and would go out of his way to help others whether that be the kid living in a slump outside his house or someone who is totally stranger to him and may be won’t meet him in his life ever. He does not think twice before reacting and he does not have any inhibitions with in him. He would act like a monkey in a sophisticated 5 star restaurant without fearing to be thrown out or ridiculed by others. That is Shrey Sharma. Full of enthu and carries a dream of being a well known actor some day. He does not leave his hope even in toughest situation. I have very precious memories with him which I would cherish so long I live. He is my best friend.

Sterin Pereira - My childhood best friend. He is been there in thick and thin of my life. Knows me more than I know myself. Spending evenings doing nothing still feeling you did a lot together, had best of the time that can happen only with
Sterin. He is full of sense of humour and that too irritating ones. He would make any situation humorous though you would run after his life later on. He is crazy. He cannot kick a goal though he is the only person near the goal and the goal keeper is standing in the half court but he can do awesome rainbow flick. He would force us to shoot video and click pic of his while he is driving bike without holding it. He would do anything to enjoy that adrenaline.

Ekta Jain – One of those personalities who love me for what I am but then knows that I can never be her life partner. Negativity? Well it is a part of her life now and I understand why she feels so. After going through so much in her life I won’t blame her for carrying negativity in her mind. She thinks only good for others no matter how much others have hurt her. It does not matter to her. She would help the person even though she did not got any help when she needed it. She is innocent and simple person. She is one of those homely girls who love to giggle and live in her own world of imagination. She is getting engaged soon and I wish her all the best for her future. Let her life be full of happiness. Correction : She is not getting engaged, she played a prank. :| Stupid me.

Bharat Kalra – Moment I think of him, a smile comes on my face. He is a joker, he is a drama, he is angry young man but he is a good human being. He speaks his heart out and has his own way of dealing with people, whether that is our burger wale bhaiya or director of our college. He can deal with anyone with ease. He is known for his pagalpanti. He along with Shrey makes the best pair. You won’t feel bored when you are with them. They know how to enjoy the moment though they have no money in their pocket. I learned how to live and enjoy life with them.

Pooja Soni – My online friend with whom I shared almost everything about me and my life. With whom I used to fight while chatting. She is one of those precious people in my life who made my life worthy but then every good thing has to come to an end. She had been there all the time. She was there to listen to me, to fight with me, to play pranks on others, to tease others. Pooja, a person who lives for her friends and would do anything for her friends. She is reckless and meets with accident all the time. She is happy for she found her love and I wish her all the best.

Asifa Afroz - Very few people knows about her role in my life. She is really gorgeous. We met in a very strange scenario and before I realize we were really close to each other. She knows each and everything about me and I cherish the closeness I have with her. Mutual respect and love for each other has made this relation really pure and innocent. I admire her for what she is and respect her for her views towards life. The amount of care and pamper I got from her was something which I never expected from anyone. I still remember the first day I saw her during the training session and I asked my friend Darius about her. I started searching for her name in my office mail list. Finally, I found her name, mailed her and to my surprise I got a reply too. Girl whom I hardly knows, hardly ever talked to, I was asking her to come out and meet me. It was drizzling in the early morning and I was waiting for my cab and for her too. Well to be honest I was not expecting her to come out to meet me but then she did. She did came out and met me. There we were, standing outside of our office, chit chatting, getting wet in the drizzle. From then till now, We have come a long way. She is important to me and I am glad I had some really good time with her which would be cherished forever my life. She is a very good friend of mine.

Vartika Negi - I call her Kameeni and she calls me Kameena, makes sense specially when you are working in the same organization. Kidding. She is one of those characters who enjoys her work and gives the best. This was evident from her quality reports. I still remember, I was taking calls for quite some time and when I noticed Avaya(the phone which tells how long you have been on calls) I realized I have been on call for 3 and half hour continously, taking calls one after the other. I was excited and called Vartika. She smiled and asked me to notice her time. She was on call for 3 hours and 45 minutes. That is her dedication towards her work. She been a great friend to me.


STERIN said...

@only person near the goal and the goal keeper is standing in the half court

saale ye likhne ki kya zrurat thi???

ye to bata goalkeeper kaun tha?? nd wo @#$#@%@#% halfline mein kya kr raha tha?? phew... !! second biggest blunder i had wid football... pehla wala ni pata tujhe mere dost...

STERIN said...
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jots said...

i to only know one thing abt gaurav that HE IS VERY SMART n SEXY......n if he will be the diector of any mauja hi mauja.i'll to take admission in that coll. only for sure.