Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dedicated to Freedom Of Speech

I am a citizen of India and I have the freedom of speech, i.e. is my birth right. Why all of a sudden I am saying all this? Well recently I have been a part of group blogging in my college. It was something which we have to do for our internal marks, A COMPULSION. This is being conducted in all the four classes.

Recently I had the privilege to check other section's blog. One of the students, wrote about how you can give good time to your girl friend by smooching her the right way. Well it was quite offensive, at least that is what they believe. He got left, right and center from his class teacher. He must have felt bad but he never gave up. Then comes his next post talking about not to misunderstand a girl's laugh. I agree to him completely. Even GOD can't judge a woman.

Well it is not this which has provoked me to write this blog, what provoked me is the comments posted my some of the classmates who calls themselves sane and talks the language of decency.

The blog was just an experience of him and what followed was some SMART ASSES posting the comments trying to demotivate him. I usually do not take names but I would make an exception today.

SUDHANSHU PANDEY - one of those idiotic personalities who does not understand even the simplest thing taught by the faculty, who is filled with queries posted comments asking the author to remove his narrow mindedness and then posting sarcastic comments on the apology blog.

Another one come from ABHISHEK GUPTA who requested the author to do a mental checkup and join BAJRANG DAL, RSS, SHIV SENA and other such conservative parties. WOHHHAA who is he? GOD? Guiding light for all the citizens of India? Isn't India suffering coz of such people and such parties? For once I wish democracy was not prevailing in our country and these parties were demolished.

Punishing someone for sharing personal experiences? I guess they have not understood the meaning of blogging?

Final words to the Author: I appreciate and empathize with your blog posts. I understand you were expressing your views and response you got is not something you expected. Though you got a bitter experience but I hope you realize that the people you are dealing with are hypocrites and conservative. Do not feel bad cause of their posts who watches porn in secrecy, discuss about girls all the time and stare at them whenever they pass by as if they are some prey. Bloody Hypocrites.

Suggestion, start your own blog and do not pour your experiences in a blog where no one appreciates or understands your thoughts. Let your blog be your world where you make your own rules.

I appreciate you for the strength you are showing. Do not lose hope for each one has their own world and their own people to understand.

P.S. If someone is hurt I am least bothered for this is my blog and my post.

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