Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Have you ever got challan(ticket) specially on the day when you are going out for a date?

There was this policemen standing under the shade of a tree, not bothered with the fact who is crossing red light or who is speeding (talking about Indian Policemen). All of a sudden he looks at me from a distance and as I was about to cross him, he decides to stop me. Although I was riding wearing helmet and had nothing in hand except a challan for triple riding and my DL I was pretty sure I would not get another ticket.

As I pull my bike to the side he ask for my bike papers. I gave the challan to him informing the R C is submitted with Faridabad Traffic Police. It usually happens that if you are having one challan policemen do not cut another challan but hey that does not happens with me. Congrats boy you earned another ticket for yourself and DL is submitted with Noida Police now. SHIT HAPPENS

I was talking to this friend of mine "OM". We were talking about something and I said Shit happens, what he said after that amazed me, to be honest. He said "everything is shit, if look @ that way". Is that true? I mean there are lot of stuffs we try which gives us pleasure. Shit never gives us pleasure. Does it? Well it will if you control shit for hours or so and you feel relaxed and relieved once you are thru with it.

But all Is not crap or Shit or whatever you want to call it. There are many things in life, which happens for good. Yet again as "Om" said it depends upon person to person or POV.

U don't know what POV is? POV means Point of View (even I got to know about the same few minutes back)

I know you all must be wondering how I got struck with this topic. Well what should I say? "Shit Happens"

I know you all must be feeling like, wish I get hand on to him, I would kill him for wasting my precious time on SHIT.

ha ha ha ha ha...


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