Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slang - Shlang

After I received good response for my recent post “Shit Happens”, I thought to study more about other slang.

I found many of these slang very funny and amazed me a lot. I thought to share some with you guys. So here are few of them I came across.

Holy Shit : The most common generic expressions for surprise. Now isn’t that funny, how can shit be HOLY? Well I don’t want to discuss more on this term as I don’t want Shiv Sena to attack me or Bush to attack my home.

Ape Shit : This means go berserk. Who ever introduced this slang, if you are alive and if you are in India, you soon going to be in a big trouble by our Animal Lover Menaka Gandhi . So better you scrap this slang or go undercover.

Cancer Stick : Well any guesses? Yes it’s the slang used for cigarette. Well it sure does gives a warning note to all you smokers. So next time you go out to that panwalahs remember to use this slang. “Hey Panwaley Bhaiya, gimme a cancer stick.”

Commando : Now this one is really funny. This slang means to go without ones underwear. Now how the hell you get that slang? Is it like you did a research on Commando and you found they never wear their underwear or something? I always thought the term Commando means ‘a small fighting force specially trained for making quick destructive raids against enemy-held areas.’

Ice : This slang means fancy jewelry, more specifically diamonds. So next time when your wife/girlfriend says bring me some ice, please don’t rush to the refrigerator, instead check your bank balance.

Who Opened Their Lunch? : Now this slang made me fall from my chair laughing. This slang means : All rite, Who farted? Now next time when you are in conference or in a gathering etc and you smell that awful smell, you can put this question without losing your decency.

Would be writing more about such slang in my next post. So keep checking guys.



piya said...

gud work dear.... d last one ws d bst slang i evr heard.... am gonna ask dat 2u only da.... he he///

Deeps said...

he he man...cudnt stop myself laughing aftr reading these "slags".. :D

Deeps said...

and yes...KEEP IT UP!!! looking forward to kno more of such interesting slangs... :)

bansee said...