Thursday, July 21, 2011


On the edge of the cliff as I sit alone with my legs suspended in thin air, I wonder what this life means? Why is that we do not get what we wish for, what we dream for? We struggle, we fight, we cry and we smile. Yet we do not get what we aspire for, whom we love.

Guess life means dreaming and keep going in the pursuit of it. If we get what we dream for, there won't be any dream left in us. We fly in our dream, we love someone in our dream, we built castles in our dream. Living in a dreamland is full of happiness and smiles.

Life is opposite to it. But then we are lucky enough to live in both world. But why can't it be same? Life is a question and an answer to the same. Life is what we live out of choice, dream is what we live with choice.

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Tatuagem said...

Life is a constant comitment to achieve happiness.