Sunday, October 10, 2010

Complicated Mind

Human Psychology is one of the most complicated stuff to understand. It does not take a fraction of a second for your mood to swing and a fraction of a second to actually change a perception about someone or something. Worst part is when it comes to relationship it gets even more complicated. but why is it so?

It is not just one mind that you have to control anymore, but its two mind that needs to be work together in a sync to have a peaceful, happy relationship.

Expectations that is assuming other person would understand you or behave in a certain manner in certain situation is another thing that makes it more complicated. Why? cause we all know no two people are alike yet we expect them to behave the way we do or understand the reason behind our behavior or action.

We take others for granted and we do not realize when we started taking them for granted till the point when they decide not to be with you. Our mind give priority to ourselves first then to another.

Ideology conflict: We forget that each one has their own ideology and need not have to match to our ideology. Ideology is one's own belief which can be different to their partners. We tend to forget to respect them and end up hurting them.

To be honest although I have said all this and understand the importance of all these factors in relationship however, I have not followed it. Knowingly or unknowingly I have hurt people to have my comfort forgetting what they expect from me. Somewhere down the line I have realized the pain of losing the important people due to my selfishness.

Then Why I am writing all this? Well, so that in case if someone understands these and implies in his or her life, probably they won't go through the pain I have went through.

As my Facebook status message read someday back, Do not give advices to people in pain. That is the last thing one should do. Lending an ear would do. Patient listening is what matters.

Funny part is, we all know these things but when it comes to real situation we tend to forget it and act keeping ourselves first and others last. We do not want to sacrifice. We don't like to sacrifice our comfort.

Value what you have in your life and realize the importance of the people in your life. I do realize the importance of people I have in my life and I do not want to lose them. I have learned my lesson.


suni said...

Well I am really happy to see the insights you have got..........When a person is in a situation, he/she is not in a position to realize it but it may be very clear to another.When advice is given you don't want to listen because it's going against what you are thinking...........
Your experiences will definitely help you to are gold that's why you are being tested IN ......LIFE-

Peeyush said...

Thanks for the appreciation Suni. I sure hope so I evolve as a better human being.

devil's advocate said...

yo baby yo :)

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Quite a thought indeed Peeyu..would say indeed complexities of life tends to overshadow the simplicities and no matter how much ever we try to keep others happy somebody gets hurt but to gear up and take a step forward..apologizing & accepting your mistake and sharing helps...if we try we can fight all ur complexities ourselves..
Indeed well written and m sure i can imply these in my life and not lose upon people (frnds, family) like u :)
Thanks :)