Sunday, August 17, 2008

Change is For GOOD

If you are thinking this post is gonna be a philosophy about how Change plays a role in our life and how it make difference in our life? You are wrong. This post is all about my new HAIRSTYLE.

I had a long hair right from the beginning when I started paying attention to my looks. Although I did had my hair trimmed to shorter lengths but I never thought of getting cropped nearly to baldness.

I thought lets give it a try and went ahead with a stone on my heart. Guess what I liked it, don;t know about others.

Soon I realized the benefits of short hair.

1. Less shampoo required to clean your hair.

2. Less oil required to apply on hair.

3. Less water required to clean hair.

4. Less time in fact no time required to set your hair.

5. Natural air conditioner and you never feel hot as you used to feel when you had long hair.

6. You feel light headed and helps you to concentrate more on your work since you don't have those long hair to ruin your concentration.

In short I realized change is for GOOD and my new hairstyle is good, no matter you like it or not.



Reflections said...

Hehe so u took the bold step & ended up liking it huh:-D.
u r looking coool, no doubts abt it;-D

Anuradha said...

Kitna vella hai be? :P

But i like aamir khan. so ur new hairstyle has put my liking to it...

Dilip said...

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aarti said...

hey pi....
u alwys luk gud in ny hairstyl..
meine dekha h...ur lng medium n shrt r nic n u 2 luk nic in each styl..